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Opinion Article - Journal of Food Nutrition and Health (2022) Volume 5, Issue 2

Nutrition education for medical students and residents

Appropriate sustenance assumes a key part in sickness counteraction and therapy. Numerous patients comprehend this connection and seek doctors for direction diet and active work. Real doctor practice, be that as it may, is frequently lacking in tending to the sustenance parts of infections like malignant growth, heftiness, and diabetes. Doctors feel awkward, certain, or sufficiently ready to give sustenance directing, which might be connected with sub-standard information on essential nourishment science realities and comprehension of potential nourishment mediations. All things considered, sustenance training has been underrepresented at numerous clinical schools and residency programs. Our overviews more than 10 years show that most clinical schools in the United States are as yet not guaranteeing satisfactory nourishment training, and they are not delivering graduates with the sustenance skills expected in clinical practice. Doctors, inhabitants, and clinica

Author(s): Charlotte Elijah

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