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Short Communication - Integrative Neuroscience Research (2018) Volume 1, Issue 1

New brawn, old brain: head transplant.

As all of us are conscious that mind has continually been above brawn. Most of the time, I mean
brain plays an important and a chief position in survival of a species (exceedingly evolved). It’s
only the brain that makes a creature. If a creature is able to continue to exist tactically and
intellectually and is able to modify itself to the outside surroundings that adjustments daily and
other creatures or other brains I say. A body is not anything without a mind. We have substitutes
for the whole thing like, A pacemaker for Heart, Prosthetic limbs, Dialysis for kidneys. Eye
transplantation's, Liver Transplants and many others. And humans now days are seeking
to programme the baby. Which approach they could design their fetus the way they choice.
Through Gene Editing tech. But, the brain can neither be replaced nor transplanted. According
to me Brain is lifestyles. It shops the attention, the reminiscences and the most vital aspect is the
sub-conscious part of the mind. Without which it’s hard to do even a minute challenge or work.
In this text I’d want to proportion my views on brain transplantation.

Author(s): Manish Rohan James

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