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- Biomedical Research (2014) Volume 25, Issue 2

Morphometric analysis of penis development in human fetuses.

In this study, obtaining reference ranges for fetal penis length, penis diameter and femur lengt were aimed. The study was conducted on fifty male fetuses ranging between 14 and 37 weeks of gestational age which was determined using CRL measurement, belonging to Meram Faculty of Medicine, University of Necmettin Erbakan. Data related to penis length, penis diameter and femur length among male fetuses were determined. In 2nd and 3rd trimesters, mean values were calculated 6.62 ±3.06 mm and 16.58±4.82 mm for penis length, 3.39±1.38 mm and 7.99±2.07 mm for penis diameter, and 40.72± 9.48 mm and 73.52±11.58 mm for femur length, respectively. The data were increased by gestational age at rates of %70 (r2=0.69), %81 (r2=0.81), and %90 (r2=0.89), respectively. The relationship between gestational age and all those parameters were statistically meaningful (p<0.01). The reference ranges were determined using the Least Squares regression analysis as follows:

Penis length (mm)= 0.763 x Gestational Age (week) - 8.230

Penis diameter (mm)= 0.373 x Gestational Age (week) - 3.947

Femur length (mm)= 2.681 x Gestational Age (week) - 12.079


A normogram belonging to fetal penis was formed which may help to clinicians during ultrasonographic diagnose of genetical anomalies, endocrinological problems and fetal gender determination.

Author(s): Mehmet Tugrul Yilmaz, Duygu Akin, Anil Didem Aydin Kabakci, Gokalp Sahin, Aynur Emine Cicekcibasi

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