Biomedical Research

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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 11

Molecular mechanism of microRNA-93 in suppressing the cell proliferation of cervical cancer by adjusting the EGFR/AKT signal pathway

Purpose: This study aims to discuss and explore the influences of microRNA-93 on the cell proliferation of cervical cancer and its regulation mechanism.

Methods: Constructed microRNA-93 expression vectors were transfected into the HeLa cell line through lipofection, after which the expression of microRNA-93 in HeLa cells was detected through qRT-PCR. In addition, the influences of microRNA-93 on HeLa cell proliferation were detected through CCK-8. Western blot was used to analyse changes of the EGFR/AKT signal pathway in Hela cells after the overexpression of microRNA-93.

Results: Compared with the control group, microRNA-93 was effectively heterologously expressed in HeLa cells. The CCK-8 results demonstrated that heterologous overexpression of microRNA-93 obviously suppressed Hela cell proliferation. Western blot showed that heterologous overexpression of microRNA-03 inhibited the expression of the EGFR/AKT signal pathway.

Conclusions: The heterologous overexpression of microRNA-03 may inhibit the proliferation of cervical cancer cells. Hence, microRNA-93 can regulate the proliferation of cervical cancer cells by suppressing the EGFR/AKT signal pathway.

Author(s): Xue Dong, Yan Wang

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