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Research Article - Journal of Brain and Neurology (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

Methodical aspects of dopplerography of the main arteries in the circle of Willis.

Introduction: Cerebral circulation receives 15-20% of the cardiac output Cerebral angiography is the main diagnostic method for cerebrovascular pathologies, however, is associated with invasiveness and the risk of dangerous complications after use of contrast media. Objective: To evaluate the techniques of transcranial dopplerography in triplex mode and to study the quantitative parameters of blood flow in the main arteries in the circle of Willis in healthy middle-aged people. Materials and methods: Transcranial Dopplerography (TCDG) was performed in color and energy Doppler mapping (CDM and EDM). The examination was conducted in 48 patients with unchanged carotid arteries, normal blood pressure and without any cardiovascular diseases. The age of the subjects was 41-60 years, among them 25 men and 23 women. Results: In 3 (6.25%) cases, the transtemporal window was not accessible from one side: in two 59 and 60 years old women and in one man aged 57. In 1 (2,08%) case the transtemporal window was absent from two sides in one man of 58 years. With the help of compression probes, the consistency of the connective arteries was evaluated. Venus Galen was able to visualize in 36 (75%) cases, Rosenthal vein - in 29 (60%), and direct sinus in 31 (64.5%) cases. All the main arteries had a monophasic spectrum with a narrow incision at the beginning of the diastole. Conclusion: Transcranial dopplerography in triplex mode justify the non-invasive approach to obtain quantitative parameters of blood flow, which can be used in various pathological conditions leading to disruption of cerebral hemodynamics.

Author(s): Abdullaiev RY, Sysun LA, Kalashnikov VI, Kostyukovskaya AE, Abdullaiev RR

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