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Editorial - Journal of Systems Biology & Proteome Research (2023) Volume 4, Issue 1

Marine medaka's two-dimensional gel electrophoresis profile

This dinoflagellate is now a severe threat to fish, shellfish, and zooplankton populations, and its blooms are typically accompanied by widespread fish mortality. Despite the identification of various toxins in K. mikimotoi, including gymnocins and gymnodimines, the processes underlying this species' ichthyotoxicity are still unknown, and molecular research on this subject has never been reported. Through comp arative proteomic analysis, the current study examines K. mikimotoi's fish-eating mechanisms. A model fish organism called marine medaka was exposed to K. mikimotoi over the course of three time periods. Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis was used to separate the fish's extracted proteins, and proteins with differential expression were found in comparison to an untreated control. The time-course of exposure led to changes in fish proteomes that were analyzed. 35 difference protein spots encompassing 19 distinct proteins were found in total, and the majority of these spots began to exhibit notable changes in expression levels at the earliest stage of intoxication. Some of the 19 proteins that were shown to exist have a close connection to energy metabolism, muscular contraction, and oxidative stress responses. We suggest that the symptoms that appeared during the ichthyotoxicity test, such as gasping for air, losing balance, and twitching of the body, may have been caused by oxidative stressmediated muscle injury. Our findings establish the groundwork for in-depth investigations into the processes behind the ichthyotoxicity of K. mikimotoi

Author(s): Mario Niklas

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