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Case Report - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Management of toxoplasmic embryo-fetopathy at the teaching university hospital of Grand Yoff in Dakar: A case report and literature review.

 Background: Congenital toxoplasmosis is an embryofoetopathy due to transplacental contamination of

a parasite, Toxoplasma gondii. The disease may be undetected during pregnancy and this entity is
rarely described in our regions despite high seroprevalence among pregnant women. Lesions caused to
the fetus can be fatal or cause neurological or ophthalmologic sequelae detected at birth and much
later in life.
Case presentation: We report through this study a case of congenital toxoplasmosis detected during
the ultrasound of the 2nd trimester of gestation. The fetus presented a bilateral ventriculomegaly and
foci of cerebral calcifications. PCR on amniotic fluid confirmed the Diagnosis of congenital
toxoplasmosis. The prognosis was poor despite the start of therapy with the occurrence of fetal death
in utero in a context of hydrocephalus at 28 weeks of gestation.
Conclusion: Congenital toxoplasmosis can be responsible for severe brain lesions. The lack of
guidelines and adapted prevention policy in our regions make this embryo-fetopathy being a neglected
disease that is probably underestimated in our practice.
Author(s): Mama Sy Diallo, Cherif Mouhamed Dial, Henriette Poaty

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