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Case Report - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2022) Volume 6, Issue 7

Lowering pesticide transfer in specialty crop production's surface irrigation secondary product.

The engaging quality and possibilities of sun based driven desalination for water system purposes in towns or rustic regions. The improvement of a town scale, photovoltaic-controlled switch assimilation desalination framework has likewise been examined for groundwater well in Haiti. This well has been planned and introduced to give water to drinking and horticultural exercises in a little nearby local area yet with a saltiness level of 5,290 ppm; consequently, the water is unsafe for human utilization and furthermore unfavourably affects the richness of the dirt. The proposed framework is made out of a PV power framework, a submarine sun based siphon, and three opposite assimilation layers, which are supposed to be a minimal expense and functional off-lattice choice for providing around 4091.5 liters of water to the local area each day.

Author(s): Sakamoto Kato*

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