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Case Report - Journal of Gastroenterology and Digestive Diseases (2017) Volume 2, Issue 3

Local recurrence from poorly differentiated transverse colon cancer treated with multidiscipline therapy: A case report.

This report describes a rare curative case of local recurrence from poorly differentiated transverse colon cancer treated with resection and chemoradiation. A 49-year-old Japanese man presented with epigastralgia, abdominal fullness and vomiting. Colonoscopy revealed advanced transverse colon cancer. Partial resection of the transverse colon with lymph node dissection and combined resection of the pancreas tail and spleen were performed because of macroscopic direct invasion to the pancreas tail from the tumor. A histopathological examination revealed poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. Adjuvant chemotherapy was administered using 5-FU/LV. At 6 months later, CT demonstrated a hen-egg-sized mass measuring 4 cm × 3 cm in diameter at the antero-lateral side of the left kidney. Resection of this tumor was therefore performed. A histopathological examination of the tumor specimen revealed metastatic poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. After resection of the recurrent tumor, chemoradiation was performed. Sequentially, chemotherapy was administered using an oral fluorouracil analog. The patient has been followed up in the outpatient clinic without recurrence for approximately 15 years since undergoing the operation.

Author(s): Yoshifumi Nakayama*, Masaki Akiyama, Yusuke Sawatsubashi, Jun Nagata , Koichi Arase, Noritaka Minagawa, Takayuki Torigoe, Keiji Hirata

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