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Commentary - Microbiology: Current Research (2020) Volume 4, Issue 4

Life as zooplanktons under marine life.

A large proportion of all life on Earth usually lives in the ocean. The exact size of this large proportion is unknown, since many ocean species are yet being discovered. The habitats focused in marine biology include everything from the tiny layers of surface water in which organisms and abiotic species may be trapped in surface tension between the ocean and atmosphere, into the depths of the oceanic trenches, over 10,000 meters or more beneath the surface of the ocean. Specific habitats include coral reefs, kelp forests, sea grass, the surrounds of seamounts and thermal vents, tide pools, muddy, sandy and rocky bottoms, and in the pelagic zone, where solid objects are rare and the surface of the water is the only visible boundary.

Author(s): Rajender Kumar

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