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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 9

Leukemia types and its distribution among patients admitted to the oncology center at Al-Najaf governorate.

One of the most common causes of death in Iraq society is with many health problems and suffering of patients a long time and traditionally ends with death. Now say more than 50 million dollars was spent around the word by patient them self each wear in many despaired attempts to find a cure for this disease although it mostly ends in very bad results. Iraq one of the counters that passed over many years to many wars and most of them included the use of weapons of mass destruction or nuclear weapons. The risk of leukemia had been increase tremendously Aim: The present research had been conducted to evaluate the incidence and the outcome and it’s distributed among patients admitted to the oncology center at Al-Najaf governorate Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted at the oncology center at Al-Najaf province and it made from 300 leukemia patients. Blood cell count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, platelet count and hemoglobin were measured by the laboratory and the data was analyzed. Results: It showed that lymphoblast leukemia represent about (77.3%) acute myelocytic leukemia (15%) and chronic myeloid leukemia (2.7%). More than twenty two percent of the were a soldiers and the remaining were civilian, more than thirty percent was rural and the remaining were urban. Discussion: More than thirty countries attack Iraq during the Gulf war in an attempt to liberate Kuwait from the last invasion caused by the last regimen. Many bullets filled with uranium used by solders, tanks, air plants and even ships. Science then the risk of occurrence of leukemia increase in a scary way. With each case reported so many effort had been spent to treat and stop the further bad prognoses but without any success. AML more predominant at young patient aged between 25-40 years. ALL cases occur more frequently at those aged less than 30 years. More than two third of the total population was urban patients which may be due to the weapons or complexity of city life style when compared to the villages. Conclusion: Increment of the percent of exposure to the military weapons increase the risk of cancer in many types especially leukemia and even with improvement of the life style and development of many drugs it does not decrease the chance of exposure nor it improve the quality of life of the life style.

Author(s): Ahmed Hassan Kudhair*, Atheer Kadhim Ibadi, NawalAbid Hashim Alhammadi, Mahdi Mohammed Ridha AL-Sahlawi, Ahmed Mousa Issa

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