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Abstract - Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Laser ablation of breast cancer aviable alternative to surgery

 Background: A vast majority of Breast Cancer patients delay treatment due to fear of Mutilation from Surgery and consequent Chemotherapy and radiation. This leads to a lower level of Survival rates. Laser technology now has advanced to a level where no mutilation is required to destroy the Breast tumor. Laser technology is one of the thermoablation techniques used for destroying Soft Tissue tumours. Laser is now USFDA approved for destruction of Breast Tumours. It is also CE approved for Destruction of Breast Cancer.

Aim: Laser Ablation is used as method to destroy cancer cells and its effects noted over period of time to compare with today's standard therapy.

Methods: 9 patients over last five years have been followed post Laser Ablation of breast carcinoma and their QLQ-C30 studied. All patients selected had a Biopsy done to confirm the diagnosis along with solography and. PET  scan All patients selected were found to test negative for distant mets on PET scan. Patients were in stages of stage 1.5to 4 cms in size on Sonography. 2 patents had double tumors n breast all selecte patients were ER/PR positive and 2 patients were HER2 negative. Methods used were Sonographer localization of tumour and consequent laserisation of tumour with an adequate margin. Post laserisation patients were placed on Hormonal treatment. Patients were followed up with monthly Sonography and, FNAC nd PET scan.

Results: The Sonography findings showed a gradual decrease in size of lesion upto 1 year . 2 patients developed Liquifactive necrosis and abscess which was evacuated on OPD basis. All patients have been found to have had a total resolution of the tumour within 6t to 8 months and no distant metastasis have been observed  on PET scan after  a period of 2 years.  All patients were happy with the results and no one had any arm swelling or side effects of Drugs

laser ablation is a viable alternative for patients not willing for a mutilating surgery. In years to come it may emerge as a Gold standard in Treatment of Breast Cancer. Further studies are required to state it as a better alternative to surgery.



Author(s): Rusy Bhalla

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