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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2018) Volume 29, Issue 0

Investigation of a wavelet-based neural network learning algorithm applied to P300 based brain-computer interface

The paper presented herein proposes an algorithm that aims at improving the classification accuracy of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) speller. In this work, feed-forward neural network with back propagation learning is used for classification purposes. Testing of the proposed algorithm was performed through the utilization of two datasets, namely; Berlin BCI Competition III and EPFL BCI groups. Results, for the first dataset, indicated that the use of 64 electrodes with 30 hidden layers grants an accuracy of 94.9 %, while an average accuracy of 95.8% (range: 92%-100%) was obtained for the second dataset when using a 32 electrode configuration with 20 hidden layers. The obtained accuracy levels, in this study, are higher when compared with other recent classification approaches.

Author(s): Enas Abdulhay, Rami Oweis, Areej Mohammad, Lujain Ahmad

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