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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 3

Interaction of an EM wave with the breast tissue in a microwave imaging technique using an ultra-wideband antenna

The microwave imaging system is one of the most attractive techniques for detecting a tumour embedded in the breast tissue using an electromagnetic signal. The effect of a radio frequency wave interaction between the electromagnetic signal and the breast tissue using an array or an antenna has been found highly remarkable and significant. This study focuses on the effect of the electromagnetic wave interaction between the transmitting device and the breast tissue. The ultra-wide band antenna radiates the breast tissue with an electromagnetic signal having a wide bandwidth of 4.284-13.628 GHz. The power absorbed and the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for average masses of 1 g and 10 g of the breast tissue are presented at varying frequency, distance and size of the tumour. It is found that the power absorbed and the SAR value of the tissue increase with the increase in the frequency and size of the tumour. On the other hand, power absorbed and the SAR value of the tissue decreases with the distance between the transmitter and the breast. An SAR for a mass of 1 g of the tissue can also detect the location of the tumour in the breast tissue.

Author(s): Vanaja Selvaraj, Poonguzhali Srinivasan

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