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Abstract - Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Innovative medicines & oncology practice during covid.

 Objectives: Oncology practice during COVID -19 pandemic faced many challenges one of the major challenges is adaptation of treatment protocols for achieving following objectives. Managing system capacity, Enhancement of patient’s outcomes (quality of life – economic value – clinical effectiveness). And utilizing the resources during these hard times. Previous objectives raised many questions about nature of treatment protocols and policies should be implemented during (COVID -19) Pandemic and how innovative medicines can achieve the previous objectives. At MENA countries (Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, KSA, UAE and Turkey)

METHODs: Integration analysis between International guidelines like (ESMO, ASCO, WHO)   and local guidelines local survives with local oncologist at previous countries plus quality of life questionnaires for the patients   were      conducted.    Cost Analysis from health systems for all oncology expenditures. One way sensitivity analysis was conducted for all parameters affecting on practice adaptation to ensure validity and accuracy

RESULTS: Innovative medicines had positive impact on Enhancement of patient’s outcomes and resources utilization via implementation efficient   Periodization criteria as following

 CONCLUSION: Innovative medicines protocols changed the oncology practice during COVID -19 through   Dynamic & efficient prioritization criteria which leaded to patient’s outcomes (quality of life – economic value – clinical effectiveness) enhancement plus Resources utilization

Key words: Policy analysis, Innovative Treatments, cancer, COVID-19

Author(s): Abdalla Abotaleb

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