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Commentary - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2022) Volume 6, Issue 4

Influence of post-harvest technologies treatments on physicochemical characters of wheat gluten.

A postharvest administration intercession of wheat grain has to be inspected from innovative quality viewpoints some time recently its presentation to users. This ponder was conducted to assess the impacts of distinctive grain capacity methodologies on the physicochemical properties of put away wheat. The test included six medications: Filter-cake treated wheat in a polypropylene pack, triplex treated wheat in a polypropylene pack, metal storehouse, Purdue Moved forward Edit Capacity (PICS) pack, Super GrainPro sack, and polypropylene sack (control). Information on water movement, protein, fiery debris, damp gluten, sedimentation esteem, and farinograph were decided at two months interim for six months. Cruel cinder substance of wheat after six months of capacity had ranged from 1.58% in Super GrainPro sack to 1.79% within the control whereas filter-cake and triplex treated wheat shown higher cinder than wheat in other mediations.

Author(s): Jacob Fira*

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