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Research Article - Journal of Child and Adolescent Health (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

Influence of age factor in the treatment of Ilizarov orthopedic diseases and injuries of the limbs.

Background: The review of the author's own research, containing the analysis of the influence of age factor on the growth and development of children, including during the surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of limbs by Ilizarov.

Method: The data are based on a complex anthropometric and physiological examination of 3150 healthy newborns, 523 children in the postnatal period. In addition, 445 children with achondroplasia and congenital growth retardation of one of the limbs, 230 patients with closed helical fractures of the Shin bones during Ilizarov treatment, and 159 female patients aged 18 to 75 years with initial stages of gonarthrosis were examined.

Results and Discussion: As the age of the sick children increases, periods of adaptive changes aimed at compensating for developmental delays are observed, in particular, the role of arterial hypertension in accelerating growth and microcirculation in tissues is shown.

Conclusion: The relationship between cerebral hemodynamics and motor activity of patients was revealed. It was found that the reduction of motor activity in elderly people can be beneficial in the treatment of bone fractures.

Author(s): Schurov VA

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