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Research Article - Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning (2020) Volume 4, Issue 4

Individual health-related quality of life and the regional allocation of medical services: Insights from a stochastic health frontier analysis.

Health care systems around the world face increasing budgetary pressures due to a growing number of cases and new and costly treatment options. Improving health-related quality of life while achieving cost-containment is the ultimate goal of an efficient provision of health care services. By means of a stochastic frontier analysis, we condition subjective individual healthrelated quality of life on individual characteristics, such as health-related behaviour and socioeconomic status and regional indicators, like the medical infrastructure and demographic and socio-economic profiles. Our results indicate a positive relationship between general outpatient care and individual well-being. However, regional misallocation of medical services relates to inferior outcomes of regional health care service provision which are likely to negatively affect health-related quality of life at the individual level.

Author(s): Rouven E Haschka*, Helmut Herwartz, Katharina Schley

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