Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning

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Aim and Scope

Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning is an open access journal providing forum to researchers, faculties and students for publishing original scholarly research on Health Policy and Planning with specific relevance to healthcare practice, policy and research. We publish articles under the following themes:

  • Evidence-based Healthcare
  • Evaluation of Health Outcomes
  • Veterinary Public Health
  • Disaster Management
  • HIV/AIDS Control Programme
  • Tobacco Control Programme
  • Environmental and Social Threats to Health
  • Prevention of Food Adulteration
  • Family and Community Medicine
  • Applied Epidemiology
  • Health Service Management
  • Health Education
  • Health Promotion
  • Health Statistics
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Public Health Law and Ethics
  • Primary Health Care
  • Anti-racism and anti-oppression
  • Child and adolescent health
  • Communicable diseases
  • COVID-19
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