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Review Article - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2022) Volume 6, Issue 8

Indicators for evaluating the performance of small scale Irrigation schemes.

Evaluating the performance of irrigation scheme is essential to improve management and control. To carry out performance evaluation of irrigation schemes, a set of recognized and accepted parameters are required. The indicator is generally expressed as the ratio of actual performance to target performance. Depending on the purpose of performance assessment; the types of performance indicators are. The indicator should be based on an empirically quantified, statistically tested causal model of that part of the irrigation process it describes. The data needed to quantify the indicator must be available or obtainable with available technology. Many internal process indicators relate performance to management targets such as timing, duration, and flow rate of water; area irrigated; and cropping patterns. Some of internal indicators are like application efficiency, storage efficiency, distribution efficiency, project efficiency and deep percolation ratio. The external indicators may classify as water delivery indicators like conveyance efficiency, relative water supply, relative irrigation supply and etc.; agricultural output indicators like output per unit command area, output per unit irrigation area, output per unit water supply and output per unit irrigation supply; physical indicators like irrigation ratio and sustainability of irrigated area; financial indicators like gross return on investment; organizational indicators. Generally, we have to focus on evaluating the performance of the irrigation schemes and taking maintenance and operation measures not only focus on irrigation scheme development because it leads sustainability problem of irrigation systems.

Author(s): Miniebel Fentahun Moges*

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