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Research Article - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2022) Volume 6, Issue 7

Incidence of crop association on the growth and productivity of two Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties grown in fields in the high plateau area of Cameroon.

Our study was conducted in West Cameroon; respectively in the high plateau area in Dschang from April to December 2021. A completely randomized experimental design with three repetitions of four treatments was used: in monoculture (common bean Feb-192, common bean Ecapan 021) then in crop association (Castor bean-Feb 192 and Castor bean-Ecapan 021). Common bean growth and production parameters were evaluated. The comparison of the performance of each cropping system was made on the basis of the Land Equivalent Ratio (LER). The results show that the growth and productivity of the common bean are influenced by the cropping association and the sandy clay soil as well as the tropical climate of the study area. The yield of common bean seeds of the Ecapan and Feb 192 varieties in intercropping with Castor bean is 0.67% and 0.35% higher than that of the two varieties of common beans in monoculture respectively for the treatments. Ecapan-Ricin and Feb 192-Ricin. The LER varies from 1.02 in a Castor beanEcapan crop association to 1.01 in Castor bean-Feb 192 crop association.

Author(s): Derogoh Nway Amang Nehemiah1*, Tchuenteu Tatchum Lucien2, Megueni Clautide2

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