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- Biomedical Research (2014) Volume 25, Issue 3

In house developed SEVATB ELISA for ruling out tuberculosis in suspected cases of Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis, a six month Retrospective study in a tertiary care hospital.

Evaluation of SEVA TB ELISA using cocktail of mycobacterial antigens ES-31 and EST-6 (containing ES-38 and ES-41 ) and their specific antibodies in diagnosis of suspected cases of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Detection of circulating free and immune complexed antigen to specific antibodies by sandwich ELISA and antibody to cocktail of antigens ES-31 and EST-6 by indirect ELISA and was carried out in clinically suspected cases of extra pulmonary tuberculosis during a period of six months. Absence of antigen and antibody is considered as negative ELISA. 146 suspected cases of extrapulmonary tuberculosis were screened by SEVA TB ELISA on request by clinicians. 112 cases out of 146 showed negative ELISA test out of which 108 cases were not recommended ATT. The test showed 96% corelation with ELISA negativity and no ATT treatment. Further four cases showing ELISA negativity were advised ATT. These cases need follow up for the development of TB disease or effectiveness ATT of treatment in context to clinical relief. This study showed usefulness of SEVA TB ELISA as a adjunct test for ruling out TB in clinically suspected cases of extrapulmonary tuberculosis.

Author(s): Pranita Waghmare, Vinita Hutke, Kiran Wandile, CM Badole, Bhaskar C Harinath

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