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Case Report - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Impact of income distribution of a theroticle analysis in the case

Environmental pollution is increasing day by day which is causing serious threats to our planet. Global warming, increase in temperature, melting of glaciers are some of issues which the world is facing now. Due to ease of information sharing and technology business across the globe has become quite easier and businesses are operating in whole world. Multinationals are working in whole world. Business are one of the sources of pollution. The production process, supply chain process and many other process from manufacturing to end product cause pollution. So to prevent Earth from pollution concept of green marketing emerged which means to produce products which are eco friendly and then promote these products through ecofriendly ways. The main aim of a company is to satisfy consumers. So company keep focus on the factors which forces the consumer to buy the product. Consumer can be motivate by various factors while purchasing product. In this paper those factors are discussed and their effect is measured on green purchase behavior. According to environmental performance index Pakistan is among top 12 countries which are affected by pollution. Meanwhile according to DAWN newspaper 2019 Pakistan has largest population of youngsters in history. So this paper investigate the factors that influence green purchase behavior of young students Consumer purchasing pattern has been altered due to rapid growth in population. (Gruber & Schlegelmilch, 2014). Advancement in technology and consumption of non-sustainable products have played their part in creating problems for environment.Lancet commission report on pollution and health (2017) blamed pollution for the death of 9 million people. Environmental pollution has existed for centuries but got attention in 19th century after industrial revolution (internet).According to United nations every year world uses 500 billion plastic bags,8 million tons of plastic ends up in ocean. Environmentally concern consumers pay leading role in reducing problems related to environment.(Laroche,Bergeron & Barbavo-Ferleo,2001; Mustafa,2006;Zelezny,Chua & Aldrich,2000;Milfont,2012,).like in other continents, in Asia green marketing has also become popular.(Gurau & Ranchod, 2005 ; Khan and Kirmani,2015 ; Uddin & Khan,2016).Marketers are showing great interest in ecological climate. Organizations lack of interest in environmental issues encouraged consumers to shift their focus towards green movement (Mandelson & Polonsky, 1995). Companies are trying to gain competitive advantage over other firms by applying different strategical approaches and by relocating consumers thinking using green products.(Elham Rahbar,2011). Due to hazards to environment, green marketing has gained importance. According to Mintu and Lozada (1993) green marketing is implementation of marketing tools that not only satisfy organization and consumer needs but it preserve, protect, and conserve physical environment. According to American Marketing Association, Yazdanifard & Mery (2011) green marketing is approach to marketing whose focal point is environmental safety which include activities like packaging, modification, green ads, production process. Author(s): Illuies Lombardi

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