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Original Article - Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases (2020) Volume 4, Issue 1

Holistic treatments and medical science | is natural medicine scientifically proven?

 Introduction Hello! Let me first introduce myself. I am Kari Nokela, a physicist, originally from Finland. I have a strong complementary therapies background as an ayurvedic practitioner, but also some knowledge on conventional medical studies. With experience in both the fields, I find it easy to write about and discuss the closing gap between the eastern and western health approaches. The special target county of this most creative text is the United States. (To be precise, I use terms like CAM, complementary and alternative medicine, holistic healing, integrative approach to health, natural health care , ethnomedicine and other similar terms existing in literature as synonyms. I am a man who likes simplicity.) A heart rate monitor system integrates holistic health care, i.e. so-called “belief treatments” within the same basic origin when we study the HRV ( Heart rate variability ) of electrocardiogram of heart muscle. Many of the parameters kept in the lips receive a medically more acceptable explanation. I have set the task of explaining the benefits and science of CAM to every medical influencer and politician. (Notice: I do not sell Vedapulse but just use it.) Arguments Unfortunately, the Finnish medical associations (and many other regulating bodies in the United States for example) are very slow in embracing new ideas. They argue that holistic practices are wellness services based solely on placebo effect stating that these natural therapies lack any scientific evidence. However, it is a known fact that the animals also recover after holistic treatment and this debunks the placebo theory. Significantly, there is lack of funding for research on ethnomedicine . But history shows these medications have been relied upon and evolved for thousands of years in certain civilisations. Compared to these age-old practices, modern medical care is very young. A particular psychiatrist previously noted that the history of creation and thorough testing of psychiatric drugs is actually too short to establish any certainty regarding their safety or long-term effects. Many pharmaceutical factories are under pressure to bring a new drug into the market and have it for sale; this is done too quickly. As a result, the potential long-term effects of a drug may only be revealed when the drug is made available in the market and is regularly used for around 10- 15 years. How this can be considered as scientific with logic and reasoning? Personally, I prefer not to take a stand here, but I quote the medical professional almost word for word. What exactly is alternative medicine ? Definition – the nature’s ultimate science In official contexts, sometimes, those treatments, which are not included in the Current Care Guidelines, are defined as alternative treatments. But mostly as alternative are defined those practices that cannot be scientifically proven. Scientific justification requires at least two degrees: (a) Sufficient statistical evidence is needed; b) in addition to statistical evidence, a physico-scientific explanation is needed. I do not agree with any of the above definitions but my suggestions are as follows: All good alternative and conventional medical treatments have in common the repair of the underlying imbalances and contaminants. This is how to treat the causes of the disease and not the symptoms. When it comes to treating the underlying causes, several diseases can be healed at the same time. This can make the clear logical cause-and-effect relationships for scientific research, difficult to detect. Also, the essentials of natural therapies, the prevention of diseases, cannot easily be scientifically proven. Illnesses always originate in subtle “coarseness” at deep levels of the body. Understanding CAM, therefore, requires “plane thinking” in which the construction of the whole body as well as the illnesses begins at intangible, non-material subtle levels, from where they gradually become concrete organs and develop diseases. For example, cancer is usually the result of years of progressive “development”. According to these statements most ethnomedicines are not anymore so unpractical huhu and according to these statements many conventional medical practises become not at all so practical and essential to health. Alternative becomes normal. The deep process of creation by Dr. John Hagelin , known from Maharishi Ayurveda The unified field as Hagelin calls this zero level as the intangible source from where all the materials in the universe and also life in its various forms originate. The unified field has its own structures and actors, but not more specifically in this context. When the unified field begins to create a new material life, it comes under the control of the mind-body operators or doshas. (Doshas are the closest Holistic treatments and medical science | is natural medicine scientifically proven? Kari Nokela * 1 Kuopion Yliopisto University Graduated (M.Sc.) Physicist 1986, Finland Accepted on 15th October, 2020 Citation: Kari Nokela, Holistic treatments and medical science | is natural medicine scientifically Proven?., Journal of Bacteriology & Infectious Diseases J Bacteriol Infec Dis 2020 Volume and Issue S(3) 2 material entities to the intangible.) There is a constant exchange of information between the uniform field and the material world as well as a “command exchange” in both directions. The material beings in the world consist of levels. First and foremost, the unified field information arrives at the DNA molecule level. The biological creation process goes through levels one by one, from the finest to coarse. Eventually, information reaches the level of the whole human being and then the levels of the human groups. Physicians’ information and lack of information over integrative practitioners and takers The physicians’ and politicians’ information about alternative therapists, their holistic treatments, and their clients are many times inadequate. The majority of these caregivers are responsible and would never require their clients to give up prescriptions on drugs or medical treatments. And most of the natural treatments are safe, but a few funny dressmakers (such as silver water “gurus” or functional multivitamin sellers) get all the attention. Eating too much of vitamins or minerals is not alternative therapies as I understand it. Side effects of progressive multivitamins can be very dangerous. The medical doctors’ perception of the number of natural healers and their clients mark low-level of their leanings, because the large crowd does not hold the noise about itself even when it comes to exercising its rights. And a great deal of them is academically intelligent women. The human image of CAM enthusiasts – more or less like anthroposophy Human image of those who practise holistic therapies often differ quite a lot from the general population. It has been studied at the University of Jyväskylä by Professor Reijo Wilenius where the term “anthroposophic human image” is used. (Philosopher Rudolf Steiner was the founder of anthroposophic thinking). This image emphasizes on the basic idea that life is development towards both physical and mental perfection. Physical and spiritual are different aspects of one and undivided entity. The idea is achieved by Rudolf Steiner Schools where teaching is much more humane than primary education. Anthroposophy emphasizes on soft values and learning through positive experiences in which arts play an important role. Anthroposophy does not believe in forced or scheduled dropping of a schoolboy but it gives room for creativity and spiritual growth. Biodynamic cultivation is also based on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. It emphasizes the phases of the moon in choosing the right times for sowing. Also, homeopathy has connections to Steiner philosophy. The image of the general population and the medical community, on the other hand, is mostly biological-physical. An interesting question to consider is whether a diligent practicing of CAM leads to an anthroposophic image or does anthroposophy cause a need to seek complementary care? About drug-herbal-interactions and cancer It is imperative that the integrative therapist carefully studies the possible co-effects and side effects of herbal and prescription drugs. Compulsory sharing of key information and findings is vital with regards to further study. Even a voluntary-based education might be beneficial in terms of educating healers on the principles of common herb-drug reactions. A well-known and highly skilled naturalist, whom I am familiar with, does not treat elderly individuals, who are taking a lot of prescription drugs. She also neither treats pregnant women nor Marevan users. Marevan is widely known as unsuitable for a lot of ethnomedicine treatments. And cancer diagnosis is always too risky to heal without conventional medical care. Sensational news Ayurveda, which is the world’s oldest known forms of organized health services, has actually been granted official status in Russia. I am unable to divulge the exact extent of the statehood. The governmental structure in Russia is very different to the structure that I am accustomed to here in Finland. We also need the doctor! Our lives have already gone so far as to be non-natural or “synthetic” that it is not possible to suddenly jump completely off to another train to completely rely on organic treatments. Well, these kinds of leaps from time to time are made by some extreme fanatics and they eventually find themselves either in the hospital emergency department or directly in the department of the angel. Even organic treatments need to slowly get used to the hurry and gradually lower the synthetic drug load when it is safe to do so, at least in ayurveda. New Discovery Background Professor Oleg Sorokin and his team of Russian space physicists made contact with traditional Chinese medicine (mostly acupuncture related specialists) masters and the masters of Indian ayurveda in order to establish any similarities between their practices. At present, there is a common misconception that the two of these fields are too different from each other and hold no common shared practices. Although Sorokin was working along his team of physicists, he is not a physicist himself. The work and the communication between the two ancient practices resulted in the finding of a common theory. Oleg Sorokin’s physicists came up with a software that uses this scientifically obvious common theory basis. The same science base can be extended to most of the alternative therapies that we know. According to this theory, functioning of heart is the key to understanding our holistic health. It tells us pretty much everything we need to know. HRV – heart rate variability The Russian Heart Rate Variability device is a result of long work, which in its base unit, measures the heart electrical signals from the wrist for 5 minutes. Then it analyzes and prints academic “doctor information” alongside the information on the alternative therapies. The ayurvedic dosha theory has been kept on the lips, but this measuring system calculates the ECG frequency spectrum and divides it into three parts. These parts correspond to basic variables Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This is how ayurveda becomes commonplace. To put it quite precisely, the calculation of that frequency spectrum contains more than just the Fourier 3 Citation: Kari Nokela, Holistic treatments and medical science | is natural medicine scientifically Proven?., Journal of Bacteriology & Infectious Diseases J Bacteriol Infec Dis 2020 Volume and Issue S(3) Transformation: all the computational algorithms used relate to the recording of the heart rate interval variation in both the frequency and time domains (i.e. covered by the general concept of HRV ). Most of the scientists agree that basic central nervous system conditions show up in Heart Rate Variability ( HRV ) like division to sympathetic and para-sympathetic nerves and autonomic nervous system. And also in ayurveda, doshas are strongly related to central nervous system and in acupuncture, Chinese meridians relate to the nervous system. Heart Rate Variability ( HRV ) is very sensitive to age changes, electrical and mechanical disturbances during measurement, etc. as stated in the article of Gerhard Litscher But for the purposes of detecting alternative medicine variables, HRV is shown to be accurate enough. Measurement time of 5 minutes and sophisticated methods to cut away the disturbances from ECG have shown to be good enough. Analysis of ECG related to heart rhythm changes If the heart rhythm does not change at all, there is only one frequency in the frequency spectrum. It is the normal human heart rhytm at about one Hertz (when the heart rate is 60 beats per minute). In this case, the person under examination lacks all other frequencies. On the other hand, if the heart rhythm rarely varies, that is, slowly, the person has a lot of “very low” frequencies. In this case, the low frequencies in his spectrum are measured. If the heart rhythm fluctuates rapidly, the person also has higher frequencies. Normally, at least much more than one frequency is found in the spectrum. Equality in all kinds of frequencies is the symbol of a healthy person as ayurvedic. Of course, morbid phenomena, such as arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation, are in no way related to the above-mentioned review. They must be cut away from ECG raw data. Likewise, this HRV system calculates the energy field of meridians of the Chinese medicine. Mostly, acupuncture practitioners can use it. And Vedapulse calculates even the energy “aura” of human beings. This allows the energy healer to orient his/ her treatment optimally. (Attention: Yogis, dietary supplements and herbal medicines advisers and those practise aroma therapy, mind & body practices.) East and West come together – getting the evidence In one experiment by Russians, the Vata, Pitta, Kapha balances were measured with both Vedapulse and the traditional finger method. In 85% of cases, the measurement gave same output. Some scientists say there is a difference between traditional measurement and electronic measurement. When doing it traditionally, you measure mechanical force, but doing it with electronics you measure electrical voltage. Well, they both reflect functioning of the heart. Other HRV based health measurement machines and methods There are 2 mostly used kinds of HRV measurements: a) Heart rhythm variations in time domain b) Heart rhythm variations in frequency domain. Vedapulse measures the heart’s electrical signals and calculates it in the frequency domain. SO here you can separate frequencies and analyze the variations of the merges much more precisely. For example, there may be an exact frequency for each disease. All other hardware machines, which you can buy for example from Internet, are much simpler. They are based on concepts of high and low hrv, which certainly relate to frequency methods, but differ significantly from the Vedapulse calculations. In any case even the simple devices are good for e.g. the swimmers and other athletes. However there are hrv battery issues known to athletes. Statistical methods A series of heart rates or cycle intervals that have been recorded for a long period of time, often for 24 hours long. This method compares HRV that has been recorded during many daily activities such as sleep with an analysis of electrocardiographic recording. Geometrical methods Normal-to-normal intervals can be converted into geometrical patterns using three ways. The measurement of HRV can be converted into a geometric pattern, which is later inserted into a mathematical shape that is categorized based on a pattern to represent a variety of HRV classes. These methods are used for many heart rate monitors that are constantly improving and growing. The most common way to test your HRV is going to a medical office that attaches wires to the chest. In the recent years companies have developed an affordable approach to measure HRV, which is through downloading an app that analyzes data from a chest strap heart monitor. You can also purchase a device that is placed on the wrist or finger to check your daily HRV measures. The time domain analysis methods belong to the group Geometrical methods. 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Author(s): Kari Nokela

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