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- Biomedical Research (2012) Volume 23, Issue 1

High sensitive C-reactive protein, an independent and early novel inflammatory marker in healthy obese women

It has been shown that low grade inflammatory state is associated with cardiovascular risk. High sensitive C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), a non specific inflammatory marker has been shown to be increased in metabolic syndrome a risk state for the development of cardiovascular disease and type-2 Diabetes mellitus. Obesity is a predisposing condition to metabolic syndrome. Therefore, this study was intended to measure hs-CRP levels in obese females to assess their risk status. 55 healthy adult obese females with BMI>23kg/m2 were taken as cases and 55 age matched healthy adult non-obese females with BMI<23kg/m2 were taken as controls. Anthropometric measurements (Waist circumference, Hip circumference & Waist to Hip ratio) and biochemical estimations (blood glucose, high sensitive C - reactive protein & lipid profile) were carried out. There was significant increase in Waist circumference, fasting blood sugar, Total cholesterol, Triglyceride, VLDL, LDL levels and hs-CRP levels in obese females as compared to controls. Blood glucose levels & lipid profile were within the reference range in both obese and non obese females. hs-CRP did not show any correlation with blood glucose or lipid profile. hs-CRP behaved as an independent inflammatory marker in obesity. Therefore, hs-CRP might be an early novel marker of inflammation, for identifying the obese females who are at risk for obesity related co-morbidities.

Author(s): Nirmitha Dev and Sara Rani Marcus

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