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Abstract - Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Heart rate variability and alternative medicine practises

 Heart rate variability means variation in the time between successive heart beats. Because heart beats can be measured with ECG devices, alse HRV can be calculated from these same ECG devices with modern computer calculation technology.The most common HRV method is to register heart beats about 5 minutes and store into computer memory the successive intervals between heart beat ”peaks”. If all the intervals are equally long, there is only one frequency in HRV caused by the basic rhytm. That is about one herz, if heart beats once in a second. When the intervals change in long run, also very low frequencies exist. If there are also rapid variations, then also high frquencies exist.Almost all scientists agree that HRV is related to overall state of central nervous system. Many studies have already been conducted, but no concensus yet. Everyone says ”more studies needed”.Russian space center physicists called traditional Eastern ayurveda and chinese masters to find the common roots of these seemingly different practises. They found a common theory which unites ayurveda and chinese methods and also many other alternative medicine practises into same basic origin. According to this common theory ”pretty much everything needed to know about a man holistically, can be measured from heart electrical signals using HRV methods. ”Russians found out, that the lowest HRV frequences correspond to ayurvedic vata dosha states of central nervous system and highest frequences correspond to kapha states. ”Ayurvedists have always known, that so called ”dosha states” vata, pitta and kapha

Author(s): Kari Nokela

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