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Editor Note - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2020) Volume 4, Issue 2

Global finance and marketing.

The Journal of Finance and Marketing disseminates high quality research content based on Financial Marketing from marketing professionals across the globe, with implications from the leading Business schools, universities and research institutes. Under the guidance of vast range of expert editors from different parts of the world, the journal aims to include all the recent developments and techniques used in marketing financial services. The major topics covered in the journal include and not limited to Banking services, pension plans, insurance policies, saving schemes, product positioning, online services, customer profiling, loyalty plans, brand management, cross-selling products and services, financial innovations, Institutional banking and finance, Regulations affecting financial services marketing, Segmenting financial services, customer Wealth management, customer relationship management, customer profiling, targeting, distribution management, consumer finance, pooled investment funds, Investment finance, Portfolio management, Financial markets, Financial product innovation, Financial law etc. Fitriany et al. reveals the studies on ISA 600, group auditors must supervise and inspect the component auditors’ audit programs and working papers. In reality, however, group auditors do not want to bear the risk of supervising other auditors’ work, so require subsidiaries to be only audited by them [1]. Adekiya AA reported the tangible infrastructures and also identify the important areas in need of future research. This is a clear indication that more efforts and deliberations are still needed in these areas [2]

Author(s): Hsiu-lang Chen

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