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Research Article - Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 5

Gene variation in siblings

Background: The prevalence of pelvic organ prolapse reaches 30-50% of women and increases with age. In the United States, uterine prolapse is one of the reasons for many hysterectomies. There is a correlation between collagen abnormalities and the main components of the extracellular matrix that affect pelvic organ prolapse. It was found that pelvic floor tissue is weak due to changes in signal from the HOXA11 gene. However, uterine prolapse was not found in the female siblings of patients with uterine prolapse.

Objective: To know the HOXA11 variation in patients with uterine prolapse and their female siblings who don’t suffer from uterine prolapse.

Methods: This was an observational descriptive study using the cross-sectional method. The sample was 18 patients with uterine prolapse in dr. Kariadi Hospital Semarang with their female siblings then continued recording the characteristics and DNA sequencing examination.

Results: There were HOXA11 variation in 2 patients but no HOXA11 variation in their female siblings while the other samples had no HOXA11 variation neither in the patients nor their female siblings.

Conclusion: The proportion of uterine prolapse patients with HOXA11 DNA base arrangement that is the same with their siblings who don’t suffer from uterine prolapse were 89%.

Author(s): Erwinanto Fionna Felicia*

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