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Research Article - Journal of Fisheries Research (2023) Volume 7, Issue 6

Freshwater Fish biodiversity of Indrapuri Dam, Rohtas, Bihar.

This study focuses on freshwater fish biodiversity of a dam, a topic of great interest and importance in ecology and conservation biology. Complex interactions between the physical and ecological factors of dam environments can dramatically impact the fish populations they support. Dams alter the flow regime, reduce access to habitats, change water temperatures, and may introduce pollutants, all of which can lead to changes in freshwater fish populations. Dams can also be a source of novelty environments that host unique species assemblages, including the introduction of exotic species and the creation of novel habitats, such as rivers being converted into reservoirs or dams creating warm water outlets. Effective management practices, including the restoration of habitat connectivity and focusing on conservation efforts, can positively impact fish populations in dam environments, enhance the fish biodiversity, and help to preserve and restore the natural environment. Our biodiversity study summarizes the work done in this direction till date on Indrapuri Dam of Rohtas district in Bihar, India along with its comparison to data collected by us. Our aim here is to know how diversity is changing in this dam over the years. We found 41 freshwater fish species in this dam belonging to 19 families and 10 orders in this study as compared to 25 fish species belonging to 12 families and 5 orders reported 7 years back. In comparison to previous studies we found an increase in biodiversity of fishes in the dam

Author(s): Babita Sharma1*, Ambiya Khatoon1, Manoj Kumar Jaiswal2

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