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- Biomedical Research (2015) Volume 26, Issue 1

Freeze dried strawberry powder ameliorates alloxan induced hyperlipidemia in diabetic rats.

The strawberries and their phytochemicals are beneficial during cancer, infections, obesity, neurological and cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The present study explores the effect of freeze dried strawberry powder (FSP) on alloxan induced hyperlipidemia in albino rats. Alloxan (150mg/ kg bw) induced diabetic animals treated with FSP (700 mg/kg bw for 45 days) were analyzed for serum lipid profile and lipid content of liver and kidney tissues. The alloxan induced elevated levels of serum total cholesterol (TC) (49.60%), triglycerides(TG) (95.99%), phospholipids (PL) (81.99%), LDL-C (101%), VLDL-C (98.26%) and declined level of HDL-C (30.89 %) were significantly (p<0.05) reverted to their near normal values by FSP treatment. Similar reversal of liver and kidney TC, TG and PL were also observed by FSP administration. The high polyphenolic antioxidant contents of FSP are the key factors for the amelioration of diabetic hyperlipidemia.

Author(s): Sheriff Sheik Abdulazeez

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