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Review Article - Journal of RNA and Genomics (2022) Volume 18, Issue 1

Florida pain ethics problems in hospitals while having the mu-opioid receptor OPRM1 gene with the A118G SNP.

My name is Orion Voss Erickson. I'm a 44 year old native Floridian. I grew up in Dunedin, FL, USA. I originally received a hip replacement right after my first degree in college, when I was around 22, due to avascular necrosis. This first surgery was followed by several more surgeries over the next twenty years that developed into a disturbing pattern. A pattern that has become a culture. A culture of pain and lack of compassionate care directly after surgeries. Recently, I found out that my opioid receptor gene had the characteristics of requiring more pain medication compared to the rest of the population. After several years of experiencing many painful surgeries and having to tolerate the stigma of being a former IV drug user, I feel obligated and compelled to tell my story so that others can avoid the trauma that I have experienced

Author(s): Orion V Erickson

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