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Abstract - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2021) Volume 5, Issue 3

Factors of the Employment Behavioural Intention of Leisure and Hospitality Management College Students in Taiwan

This study examined the factors of the employment behavioral intention of leisure and hospitality management college students in Taiwan. The research framework was based on a literature review and relevant research variables. This study added an additional construct (perceived behavioral control) and a moderator (individual difference) into the theory of reasoned action (TRA) model. The subjects were college students in Taiwan. Questionnaires were administered and a total of 450 valid samples were collected. This study adopted two-step structural equation modeling (SEM), and both SAS and AMOS were adopted as the tools for analyzing the data for reconfirmation. A conceptual model was then proposed, in which the employment behavioral intention was influenced by positive internship experiences and negative internship experiences. Moreover, the relationship between positive internship experiences and employment behavioral intention was moderated by the internship system. A moderating test revealed that the influence of internship experiences on employment behavioral intention was stronger for leisure and hospitality management students working shorter hours than for students working longer hours. Bone in the defect area of Cox-2 knock-out (Cox-2KO) mice than wild-type (WT) mice. Moreover, MDSCs isolated from the Cox-2KO mice and transduced with BMP4/GFP also form significantly less bone than MDSCs isolated from the WT mice when transplanted into calvarial defects created in CD-1 nude mice. Histologically, there was less collagen 1 matrix deposition and fewer GFP positive osteoblasts and osteocytes present in the new bone area in the Cox-2KO MDSC/BMP4/GFP transplantation group than the WT MDSC/ BMP4/GFP group. At day 14, there was a reduction in BMP4-pSMAD1/5/8 signaling in the Cox-2KO MDSC/BMP4/ GFP group. Furthermore, there were fewer GFP+Ki67+ cells found in the Cox-2KO MDSC/BMP4/GFP group than in the WT MDSC/BMP4/GFP group medium identified total 55 and 42 compounds respectively. Whereas GCMS analysis from best bacterial antagonist Pseudomonas isolate no. 14 (JNDKSGn-30-L) inoculated onto N-agar identified total 60 compounds. Author(s): Chin-Tsu Chen

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