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Short Communication - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2021) Volume 5, Issue 5

Factors influencing individual in adopting eWallet

This research examines individuals? feasibility of adopting digital wallet also known as ?eWallet.? It aims at assessing the technological readiness among customers especially youth by measuring the acceptance level of digital wallet adoption in a massive implementation of the digital economy. Adoption of eWallet can potentially enhance the efficiency of financial institutions and the provision of new services for the convenience of the customers. The nature of this study was developed in the context of South East Asia focusing on Brunei Darussalam. The study using a framework for assessment based on the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology model revealed that the main construct of the model to be predictors of behavioral intention, was attitude towards using technology and anxiety. These results might be as a result of the millennial generation being in constant interaction with various types of technology, paired with the rising Internet connectivity leading to the minimal impact of the digital wallet adoption. Our research model investigates the moderating influence of trust between service quality and user?s satisfaction, and mediating impact of satisfaction on service quality?Continuance Intention relationship. The study used a sample size of 258 respondents from North India. All hypotheses were tested using SPSS and PROCESS Macro (Hayes). A positive connection was found between all study constructs. Furthermore, results revealed that trust did not moderate the impact of service quality on satisfaction; satisfaction partially mediated the service quality?Continuance Intention relationship. Findings of the study suggest that banks must emphasise on user-friendly interface for the m-banking application as well as the relevant service processes related to perceived ease of use. Author(s): Mr. Norzaidah Nurhidayah

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