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Research Article - Journal of Fisheries Research (2022) Volume 6, Issue 4

Exercise performance and anti-fatigue effects of the meat extract of the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Burch ell, 1822) on albino mice.

Different natural compounds are important to mitigate the effects of fatigue and enhance exercise performance, out of which soup of fish is the basic one. The soup of fish has so many benefits including anti-fatigue, exercise performance enhancement and anti-thrombic effects. Thus, knowledge that describes the anti-fatigue effect and exercise performance enhancement of the extract of fish is necessary for its ultimate utilization and commercial use. Fillets of African catfish were collected between May and June, 2018 from Lake Koka. Extraction of the soup was done immediately using boiled water following standard methods. The hot water extract of the meat of African catfish significantly improved (p<0.05) physical exercise, fore limb and hind limb muscle densities, swimming endurance with time, fore limb grip strength and biochemical parameters in mice and hence indicated potential reduction in fatigue development. Although, the extract was found to decrease the triglyceride and cholesterol levels which is important to improve exercise performance in mice, further studies are recommended to elucidate the precise mechanisms of the extract in reducing triglyceride and total cholesterol levels

Author(s): Tekleweyni Asayehegn1*, Tadesse Fetahi2 and Paulos Getachew

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