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Short Communication - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2021) Volume 5, Issue 7

Entrepreneurial dynamics within innovation ecosystems: Some insights from France

Although the notion of the ecosystem has become very popular in the field of innovation management and entrepreneurship (for industrials, academics and government as well), it still encompasses a large variety of different perspectives. Following Spiegel (2017:50), we define an innovation ecosystem in relation to entrepreneurship as “the combination of social, political, economic, and cultural elements within a region that support the development and growth of innovative startups and encourage nascent entrepreneurs and other actors to take the risks of starting, funding, and otherwise assisting high-risk ventures”. Entrepreneurship is tightly linked to the notion of the ecosystem as the development, the success but also the failure of new ventures not only depend on the company’s assets but also on its external partners and networks.

Author(s): Anne Berthinier-Poncet

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