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Research Article - Journal of Food Nutrition and Health (2018) Volume 1, Issue 1

Energy dense rice biscuit formulation to improve malnutrition status of urban street children in Bangladesh.

Rice is the main source of dietary energy for approximately 166 Million of Bangladeshi population. Rice based processed food items have potential scope in malnutrition mitigation approach. In this study we have formulated energy dense nutraceutically enriched rice-based bakery food formulation specially biscuits having energy density ranges from ED 4.5-5.5 per 100 g serving. Rice based balanced and nutritious food intake might reduce rice consumption from current rate of 367 g/capita/day to 300 g/capita/day or lesser for Bangladeshi population. Since floating urban street children classified as the most vulnerable group in Bangladeshi population so, nutraceutically enriched rice-based bakery food products might possibly play a role in shifting malnutrition status in this regard. In addition, in quest to attain required daily dietary allowance in scale of average 2000 kcal, rice-based energy dense food might assist as supplementary diet and it will be helpful to attain SDG goal for hunger free and sustain food security in Bangladesh in a way to properly and effectively utilizing the rice grain.

Author(s): Habibul Bari Shozib, Sultan Abu Saleh Mahmud, Abu Sayed M, Muhammad Ali Siddiquee

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