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Short Communication - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2020) Volume 4, Issue 5

Employeesâ?? Commitment and Commercial Banksâ?? Performance in Nigeria: An Empirical Assessment

 Managements of deposit money banks in Nigeria, like most employers of labour, get worried and baffled when their highlyrated employee under-performed or the organization lacks the aptitude to retain such employees. The reason for this loss of able manpower is not clear to some managers even when the salary of the employee is still within the range and motivational strategies within the reach of the bank is in place. It can be costly if employees are not committed to their jobs, and if they lack the motivation to exercise their full potentials. The main focus of this study is on employee commitment as a multidimensional concept that represents the relationship between employees and employers. With the increase in the competition in deposit money banks, the management of each bank strives to pay more attention to performance but putting the major element for achieving high level of performance at the forefront become problematic. This study relied solely on qualitative analysis to examine the relationship between employees’ commitment and deposit money bank performance as well as employee job performance. The study concluded that employees’ commitment is a prerequisite for deposit money banks’ performance, hence, strategies to improve employees’ commitment is imperative. 

Author(s): Hassan Oyinlola

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