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Editorial - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2020) Volume 4, Issue 4

Employee Participation and its impact on Firms Performance: Evidence from Power Holding Plc, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

This study examined the effect of employee participation in decision making on organizational performance using Afam Power Plc in Port-Harcourt, River State as a case study. The population of study comprised managers and employees of the selected firm in Port-Harcourt River state. The sample for the study was given as 125. Out of the 125 questionnaires administered to the participant only 100 were returned while 25 were not returned. The study was analyzed using of tables and percentage while the three hypotheses were tested with the aid of ANOVA. The result revealed that employee participation in decision making has positive effect on organizational performance. This study recommends the following; organizations are encouraged to increase the frequency and level of worker participation in decision making between manager and subordinates to partake in joint decision making for the overall well-being of the organization. Again, firms are advised to structure their organization in such a way that it will encourage free flow of decision making in every level of management to promote employee involvement in decision making and create efficiency on organizational decision making process. Author(s): Ijeoma Chimaobi, Department of Management Technology, Federal University of Technology, PMB 1526, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

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