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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 7

Efficacy of Yakson touch and kinesthetic stimulation on the behavioral development, pain and vitals of pre-term neonates during critical care stay: A randomized controlled trial.

Background: Premature infants are susceptible to various sources of stress that is compounded by stays in critical care units. The evidence to recommend stimulation to reduce such stress in neonates is limited. Purpose: Determine effects of intervention. Methods: 64 pre-term neonates were randomized into two groups. One group received kinesthetic stimulation including the Yakson touch technique in addition to standard care while the other received only standard care. Primary outcome measures were the differences in the sleep-wake pattern and vital parameters and the secondary outcome measures pain response of preterm. ABSS and PIPP are between baselines and immediately after an invasive procedure. Analysis was per protocol. Result:58 neonates completed the trials and were analyzed. In the intervention group, ABS score change from 54.8% (pre-test) to 64.4% (post-test) for sleep and 45.2% (pre) to 35.5% (post) for awake in experimental group. 70.4% (pre) to 11.1% (post) for sleep and 29.6% (pre) to 88.9% (post) in control group. In PIPP the p=0.73 for control group and p=0.001 for the experimental group. The behavioral status in experimental group with the p-value=0.001(<0.05). The heart rate p-value of 0.001(<0.05), the respiratory rate the p-value=0.005(<0.05); in oxygen saturation p-value 0.02(<0.05) Conclusion: The intervention has significant effect on management of sleep-wake pattern, stabilization of the vitals (heart-rate, respiratory-rate and oxygen saturation) and minimization of pain during the heel-prick. Implications for Practice: Neonatal nurses can Practice for early improvement in different aspects of pre-terms. Implications for Research: Studies can be conducted for neuro-behavioral improvement by using this therapy.

Author(s): Rashmi Ranjita Parhi*, Niyati Das, Purnima Sahoo

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