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Case Report - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Efficacy and Impact, Assessment of Indian Non-Profits on 3 parameters: Governance

Statement of the Problem: Billions of money given to Non-Profits by Corporates, Philanthropists, Govt. and Individual donors is spent on ?Charities?. But, how much efficient this spending is? We cannot afford any misappropriation of funds at a time when the people on this planet are desperately starving for basic necessities like food, health, water, clothes, shelter etc. An enhanced trust and accountability is need of hour for entire development sector. Hence, an in-depth study is required for increased transparency to all grant makers while promoting social welfare under governance and efficacy norms. The research is also required to improve capacity building for the development sector and vibrant democracy for society at large. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: There are multiple tools to assess and evaluate the Non-profits, which include Balanced Scorecard, Evaluation Dashboard, SROI (Social Return on Investments) etc. This research study aims to segregate Non-Profits on their level of governance, efficiency and impact on society. The source of info is mainly secondary data available in public domain for diverse set of Non-profits. The universe of study is the most prominent and active Indian non-profits. Findings: H01: There is no significant presence of ?the standard governance norms? in Indian non-profits. H02: There is no significant level of ?the efficiency? achieved by Indian non-profits. H03: There is no significant impact created by welfare activities of Indian non-profits. Conclusion & Significance: Participating in this research study allows the Nonprofits / NGO to showcase their Organization with a third party authentication on their governance, accountability and operational structure. The assessment matrix also provides an opportunity for nonprofits to enhance their standards of operations while building a culture of maintaining trust, fostering effectiveness and supporting sustainability. The objective is to make the world a better place through identifying and rewarding the deserving and effective charities. Author(s): Bhangriya Mahesh

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