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Editor Note - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 7

Editorial Note COVID-19 includes a Disproportionate Impact on Those Communities that were Already Facing Disadvantages and Discrimination

Sustainable nutrition, equaling earth health, involves a personalized approach designed in terms of exactness and dodging of still cogent however unreasonable dogmas, equaling public health. For example, current dietary recommendations still waver the requirement to limit the maximum amount as attainable the intake of saturated fatty acids (SFA), even so the mounting proof that the consequences of food on health can't be foreseen from the content of single nutrients while not considering the macronutrient composition and also the role of the food matrix. The normal recommendation to limit SFA ignores that their effects on health rely on the interaction between present food parts and people introduced by food process. It's secure to switch the still wide promoted dietary tips primarily based upon such single nutrients as SFA and instead modify dietary habits on the premise of the total pattern of the food matrix. consequently, the double fringe of deficiency disease, that involves deficiency in addition as excess and materializes in several people throughout their life course, could be tackled by implementing property, with the extra result of overcoming world inequalities. Among this context SFA might regain their position of tasty and low-cost sources of energy to be tailored to every individual fashion.

Author(s): Prajesh Ranjan

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