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Editor Note - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Editor Note.

Journal of Agricultural science and Botany (2591-7897) commemorates its decade long service to the scientific community by consistently publishing peer-reviewed articles and tracking the progress and significant advancements in the field of agricultural science and botany. Ever since its inception in the year 2017, in addition to regular issue releases on a quarterly basis, this transdisciplinary journal is also releasing special issues and conference proceedings from time to time, thus comprehensively covering a wide range of topics and emerging challenges in Agricultural science and Botany. The journal focuses on application oriented research on crop science with agricultural and environmental relevance and utility. In this issue some of the recent and impactful research articles that were published by the journal will be discussed.

The journal is growing continuously. It is our pleasure to announce that during year 2020 some of the recent and impactful research articles that were published by the journal will be discussed (i. e, Entomotoxic potential of Morinda lucida (benth.) Leaf powder as contact and fumigant biopesticides in the management of Plodia interpunctella (Hübner) [Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).

In this article author clarified about the toxic impacts of leaf powder of Morinda lucida against the formative phases of Plodia was examined. Post-harvest preservation of the quality and amount ranch of produce had been one of the mostserious compels of the worldwide farming point of ensuring sufficient food security for the developing people. In any case, independent of these incredible commitments, their nonstop use had brought about various natural and wellbeing related difficulties.

He explained Contact toxicity of leaf powder on eggs, larval and adult stages of Interpunctella also toxicity of leaf powder of M. lucida on the developmental stages of Plodia interpunctella. The quest for eco-accommodating and bio-degradable pesticides for crop assurance and the executives had been significantly energized in the course of the most recent five decades.

This study had revealed contact and fumigant effects of M. lucida powders on the developmental stages of P. interpunctella across the concentration gradient and exposure period.

These research articles published by the journal have immense relevance and significance in development and optimization of the toxic effects of leaf powder of Morinda lucida against the developmental stages of Plodia interpunctella was investigated in this study.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution by author Dr: Adeyera OJ and the help delivered by the editorial assistants bringing out issues of AAASCB in time. I might likewise want to offer my thanks to all the Editors, authors, reviewers, the publisher, the advisory, and the editorial board of AAASCB, the workplace conveyors for their help in bringing out one more volume of AAASCB and anticipate their persistent help to unrelenting support Volume 4 and up and coming Volume 5 of AAASCB in scheduled time.

Author(s): Vaitheeswaran Thiruvengadam

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