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Commentary - Journal of Pain Management and Therapy (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Dry needling trigger point therapy in the shoulder region-Lack of evidences.

Being a physio, we coined new therapy every day and yes, flock of workshops messages every day pops in many medium of communication. Are we so desperate for excogitation, which are making us to do non-evidence gimmicks? Recently an orthopedics consultant asked, do you provide dry needling, we have so many patients asking for shoulder pain? In reply we mentioned that we have learnt and practice but not for nonevidence therapies. Do we really need to looks at recent evidences and give the best to our clients or do marketing gimmicks and serve them with something new which can attract? Let’s start with understanding of dry needling. Dry needling is involves inserting sharp needle into the muscle pain point or so called trigger point. Although it differs from injection therapy where chemical substances are inserted, in contrast dry needling does not involve any chemical substance insertion.

Author(s): Bhavan Bhavsar*

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