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- Biomedical Research (2012) Volume 23, Issue 1

Determination of Sex from the Shaft and Tuberosity of Radius- A Multivariate Discriminant Function Analysis

198 adult human radii of known age, sex and race available in the bone bank of Department of Anatomy, Government Medical College Aurangabad (Maharastra) were used for the present study. Out of 198 bones 133 were of male and 65 were of female. Six measurements of radius were pushed into step-wise multivariate discriminant analysis. Among the six variables, the best function was obtained by antero-posterior diameter at mid-shaft (Ams) with the lowest Wilk’s lamda (0.503),the highest enigvalue (0.987), the highest canonical correlation (0.705), and the highest percentage of correct classification (90.4%).The second best function was obtained by Circumference at mid-shaft (Cms). Vertical diameter of the radial tuberosity (Vrt) shows far less classification capacity, because it includes the highest wilk’s lamda (0.830), the lowest enigvalues (0.205), the lowest canonical correlation (0.315), and the lowest percentage of correct classification (71.7%). Linear function was obtained using antero- posterior diameter at mid-shaft, circumference at mid-shaft and vertical diameter of radial tuberosity, witch could classify 89.9% of radii correctly.

Author(s): J.E. Waghmare, P.R. Deshmukh, P.J. Waghmare

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