Journal of Public Health and Nutrition

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Short Communication - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2018) Volume 1, Issue 2

Determination of child abuse.

Children can be easy victims of physical and sexual violence because they are extremely vulnerable and incapable of defending themselves. It makes them ideal targets for victimization. The consequences of child abuse and negligence are really serious and they may affect over the victims themselves and the society in which they live. That’s why; there is a real need for a successful management based on the prevention of child abuse and the protection of children. Official reports do not capture all cases in which child abuse and neglect is suspected or even is detected and acted upon. A future retrospective research and creating universal guidelines and algorithm for acting in cases of child abuse could help in reducing and preventing the problem with child maltreatment.

Author(s): Tsranchev I, Timonov P, Hadzhieva K, Dineva P, Spasov S, Dobrev T

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