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Review Article - Microbiology: Current Research (2023) Volume 7, Issue 3

COVID-19: A pandemic with positive and negative effect on environment.

Coronavirus pandemic is threatening humans and causing incredible destruction and hardship, and has stopped the whole world completely, yet it has forced a play button for the environment. The present review attempts to compare the negative and positive impacts of corona pandemic on the environment in most affected countries like India, the USA, China etc. Coronavirus has positively affected the environment. Air pollution has dropped remarkably for many nations due to a complete lockdown with no traffic issues and shutdown of many industries, clean water resources, and reduced environmental noise. In addition to the earth's healing, the impact of waste has been a primary concern, as there is an increase in household waste collection and recycling due to coronavirus constraints. Medical waste disposal is another primary concern that needs to be taken up during this dreadful pandemic. The present review attempts to summarize both sides of the corona pandemic concerning the environment. It can be concluded from this review that it is mother nature who profited from the coronavirus due to the stoppage of all human activities.

Author(s): Nitin Sharma*, Sarbjeet Kaur, Usha Devi, Vikas Kumar

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