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Abstract - Microbiology: Current Research (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Covid 19- lesson - preparedness, online surveillance, prevention, and timely coordinated joint response for emerging infectious diseases

 Epidemic/pandemics affect us all. This teach us about essential importance of health, access to health as essential human right and sustainable healthcare infrastructures as prerequisite of any economic progress and rethink better model to face them.  It remains us also fragilized environment, links with  animal health and interlinks between long term lasting climate changes with its consequences to health directly but also indirectly to all economies and societal impact. The policies needed to ensure that future vaccines for SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and treatments but also for any upcoming pandemic and list of diseases can be made widely available. We need to look into vaccine and drug candidates in the current R&D pipeline and there is more than ever a  need for international co-operation to focus on key issues like incentivising R&D, building large-scale manufacturing capacity and managing intellectual property rights. The costs of EIDs (emerging infectious diseases) are vast, in both human and economic terms. Many smaller countries like New Zealand reacted timely and very effectively. This in addition to sufficient sensitivity and specificity and time turnaround to control infections is important. Single test given complexity host pathogen interaction seems not enough. Immune response (discussed and openly proposed establishment of “immune passport”) might slightly remain the approach of Sweden which differs from the rest of European countries. Any nation cannot face necessary changes and reforms which Covid -19 simply mirrored alone.  Hence tightening links instead of dividing and avoid nationalism seems to have   longer term beneficial   effects globally. Women must play given experience more essential role in managing crisis, health but global governance as we seen and learn from now and past.

Author(s): Haluskova Balter Ivana

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