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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 1

Correlation between blood glucose levels on admission and short-term prognosis of in-patients with acute coronary syndromes after percutaneous coronary intervention

Objective: This research aimed to investigate the influence of admission glucose level on the short-term outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention.

Methods: 750 consecutive patients who underwent PCI after acute coronary syndrome during December 2011 and December 2013 were investigated and divided into three groups according to their admission glucose level: Group I (ABG<7.8 mmol/l), group II (7.8 mmol/l ≤ ABG<11.1 mmol/l), group III (ABG ≥ 11.0 mmol/l). In-hospital and 6-month complications were analysed and compared between the three groups.

Results: In-hospital mortality was 0.7% in group I, 3.1% in group II, and 6.8% in group III; six-month mortality was 2.4% in group I, 4.7% in group II, and 13.7% in group III. Multivariate logistic regression showed that admission glucose level ≥ 11.0 mmol/l was an independent risk factor related to in-hospital and six-month mortality in percutaneous coronary intervention after acute coronary syndrome.

Conclusion: In patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention after acute coronary syndrome, admission glucose level was predictive of short-term outcome. Early treatment of high glucose in perioperative time may benefit these patients.

Author(s): Gong Xue-chen, Chen Peng-fei, Zhang Yu-feng, Xiao Jian, Li Wei, Xue Qian, Wang An-li, Wang Zhinong

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