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- Biomedical Research (2014) Volume 25, Issue 2

Comparative Research of Repair Characteristics of Four Types of Skin Injuries in Rabbits

In order to investigate the biomechanics of four types of skin injuries caused by different etiological factors, and to explore the healing characteristics of various injuries, twenty rabbits were randomly assigned into four experimental groups (n=5). Four types of injuries were made on the dorsum of the rabbits. Blood glucose concentrations were measured on day 0, 1 and 3. Tensile strength was measured using tensiometer. Body weights of the rabbits with excision skin wounds were 7.81% less on day 10 compared to that before wounding. Blood glucose concentrations on day 1 rose from 24.54% to 28.92%, with the maximum for frostbite and minimum for burn wound rabbits (P?0.05). Tensile strengths of frostbite rabbits were significantly greater than those of the burn rabbits (P?0.05). Daily mean healing velocities of the excision wounds, cauterization burns, scalds and frostbites were 0.18±0.10, 0.34±0.08, 0.33±0.11 and 0.42±0.16 cm2/d, respectively. Healing velocity in case of excised wounds was less than that of frostbites (P?0.05). Meanwhile, healing velocities in burns and scald groups were faster than that in the excision wound group (P?0.05). It was concluded that injuries could result in an increase in the blood glucose level. The excision skin wound obviously affected the rabbits’ growth and reduced healing velocity.

Author(s): WEI Suocheng, GONG Zhuandi, ZHAO Xingrong, WEI Limin, ZHANG Taojie

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