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Research Article - Journal of Oral Medicine and Surgery (2022) Volume 5, Issue 6

Comparative evaluation of two different fixation systems using two mm titanium mini plates and 3Dlocking plate in the treatment of symphysis and parasymphysis fractures of mandible

Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy of two mm titanium miniplates and screws versus 3D locking plates and screws in patients with symphysis and parasymphysis fractures of mandible. Patients and Methods: A prospective comparative study consisted of patients with symphysis and parasymphysis fractures of mandible reporting to our department and was divided randomly but equally. For patients in Group a conventional two mm miniplates were used and in Group B fracture segments were fixed by using 3-D locking plates. Results: Sample consisted of 42 patients, 21 in each group and was divided by simple random sampling. Patients were reviewed on the first, fourth and twelfth week to compare post-surgical parameters including reduction and stability, masticatory comfort, rate of recovery from preoperative paraesthesia, rate of bone healing complication rateusing two different fixation systems. Both of these osteosynthesis systems were not found to have any clinically significant difference on the above mentioned parameters (P-value>0.05). Conclusion: The results of this study showed that 3D locking plate is an alternative approach with a similar outcome to miniplates in the management of fractures of mandible symphysis and parasymphysis but cases of oblique fractures and those involving the mental nerve limits its usage where miniplates fixation is more viable clinically.

Author(s): Ravinder Pal Singh Rana*, Nanda Kishore Sahoo, Sujit Kumar Bhandari

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